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Interview with the Director of Stop, Kiss

Up next on “What’s New TNC?”, we interview the director of our March production, Stop, Kiss. Please welcome, Alex Levesque.

What do you study? How long have you been at McGill?

I study Chemistry and Sociology (Faculty of Science). This is my fourth year at McGill.

How did you come across this play?

I first saw this play when I was in ninth grade. My school put it on as part of a one-acts festival, even though it’s about 30-50 minutes too long to be a one-act play. At the time I was pretty new to theatre, and I considered the 11th and 12th graders in this show to be my idols. I think that’s the moment I really fell in love with it.

Who should come see this play and why?

Everyone? I think it’s genuinely a very interesting show, especially if you like super weird storytelling (think Momento). Beyond that though, what I really like about this show is what it has to say about society today. There’s this whole issue with the labeling of identities and the struggle to rationalize one’s sexual orientation, and the show does a really good job of representing it. It’s not that the play offers some solution, or some end moral, it just shows clearly what are the negative consequences of having a strict system of sexual orientation labels that we expect people to conform to. So I think seeing this show is a great way for people to reflect on how we approach sexual orientation as a society.

What has been your favorite moment so far in the rehearsal process?

I can’t think of one specific moment. I’m really process oriented and I’ve been wanting to work on this show for nearly seven years now, so every moment of rehearsal feels amazing. I just wish we had more time to experiment, and really let the actors sink into the roles. But as my high school teacher used to tell me; theatre people are like goldfish, we grow to the size of our tank (time constraints) but always wish we had more room.


Anything you’d like to say to the folks at home?

Maybe?!? Who’s home? Come see the show!

mARTching ahead


Puns and valentines!


Come out to see the Pirates of Penzance in Moyse Hall this weekend!

Radio Interview with Director of Be Tween (Jan 18-21)

Head over to CKUT to check out this great interview they did with Phoebe Fregoli and Kyla Kaplan Chinard about Be Tween, now through Saturday at TNC! (8pm Thurs, 7 and 9pm Fri and Sat)

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